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Without a doubt the most bizarre of all rocks of the Southwest Palatinate, the "devil's table" near Hinterweidenthal towers above the vacation region of Hauenstein: The forces of nature formed this sandstone image, which looks like an over-sized table top.

At the foot of the "devil's table", children play on the spacious adventure playground in the middle of the forest.
Shoes are a topic in the vacation region of Hauenstein. Not only because every man and of course every woman can buy shoes there at a warehouse or factory at a reasonable price. For over a century the shoemaker craft has had a long tradition in and around Hauenstein.
You should also select good shoes if you plan to go there on shank's mare. The possibilities are almost endless: for example, on the more than 500 kilometres (310 miles) of well-marked forest hiking trails, on the "Zwicktritschen path" or on the "Tour to the castle ruins" all around Wilgartswiesen.- As far as the feet can carry.

Whoever wants to go easy on his feet, should ride a bike on the German-French bike path from Hauenstein via Hinterweidenthal along the Wieslauter up to Wissembourg in Alsace or from Hauenstein via Wilgartswiesen all the way down the Queich even up to the Rhine.
Mountain bikers however, usually don't want to take it easy and can get their kicks on the numerous slopes all through the Pfälzerwald.
A wonderful view looking over the biosphere-reservation nature park in the Pfälzerwald can be seen by the hiker as well as the mountain-biker from both Hermersbergerhof and Hofstätten, the highest settlements of the vacation region of Hauenstein.

Klettern am Buntsandsteinfelsen You can experience a true "Rock Festival" in the vacation region of Hauenstein as well as in the neighbouring vicinity of Wasgau.
The forces of the Earth and erosion that has been taking place for over millions of years now through water, frost and wind, have formed the bizarre and eccentric colourful sandstone rock formations found all throughout the south of the Palatinate.
The Giants stand out of the rich green of the dense forests of the biosphere-reservation national park in the Pfälzerwald with their yellow and bright red stripes. The most famous is without a doubt the "devil's table" near Hinterweidenthal, of which many tales have been told. Just as interesting is the "Burghalder" or the "Rauhberg" or however they are all called.
You can hike to almost all of them, some are used by hikers to get a good overall view of the forest, while others can only be climbed by experts.
On one of the boulders near Wilgartswiesen, we are reminded of the mystical times of medieval knights with the ruins of the Falkenburg castle.

The red sandstone keeps popping up all through the vacation region of Hauenstein, follow its tracks and go on an adventure from boulder to boulder. 
The health resort Hauenstein is, however, also a centre for shoes. No where else in the Southwest Palatinate have shoe factories made such an impression on the lives of the people in the last century. Once, there were over 30 factories, and a remarkable shoe museum hauenstein   haue reminds us of the boom era.

You can hear the rattle of original machines during a guided tour, which shows how they operated, and in addition to the shoemakers' history, the general history of the last two centuries has been documented.
Especially funny: "worn-out" original pairs of shoes from VIPs such as Boris Becker, Steffi Graf, Helmut Kohl or Luis Trenker.


Today, there are still some shoe factories in and around Hauenstein and many warehouse outlets, where guests and visitors can find good bargains. For example, you can buy hiking shoes at the factory and hike right up to the castle ruins of Falkenburg near Wilgartswiesen or walk on one of the many other hiking paths to the huts in the Pfälzerwald. But you can also find shoes to match your evening wear.

From mid-March until October, you can also buy shoes in Hauenstein on Sundays and Holidays from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Especially worth mentioning: Young, creative and committed gastronomers and hotel chefs constantly strive to create new and exciting dishes which focus on the Palatinate cuisine with its fresh products: be it creations made with high quality Palatinate vinaigrettes, or edible chestnut dishes in autumn, or selected wines from high quality vineyards from the Palatinate.


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